Looking at the world the way it is


“Openness means -no conclusions- Simply looking at everything the way it is.” Sadhguru

Wouldn’t it be so nice if we all looked around and appreciated everything the way it is? Making stories in our heads and labeling life experiences is called Viparyaya (misperception). Sometimes that “simple” behavior of openness seems to be difficult because we are very attached to the mind.  Thoughts and memories from the past create misconceptions which generate distorted emotional responses.  Pramana (real perception, openness) isn’t easy to achieve.  It’s a matter of practice, being fully present, and observing things as they are, not the way we are.

For example, if I was attacked by a dog when I was kid, I may think all dogs are bad and fear them. Here’s a breakdown of my adult thought process:

  • The fact: I see a dog.
  • The story: I was attacked once.
  • The label: “dogs are bad”
  • Emotion: Fear

The harmful form of Viparyaya is delusion, when perception and reality don’t match.

The helpful form of Viparyaya is its transformation into correct perception (pramana) by asking questions to verify our perception, and/or adjusting our knowledege. Listen to different perspectives. By clarifying our heart-mind and refining our sensory organs to the point where they are keen, alert and under control, we can increase the hability to see things as they actually are.

The main purpose of  Yoga practice is to calm the mind so when the mind is calm we can look at the world that surrounds us with more clarity and acceptance.  The practice of Yoga(asana, pranayama, meditation) on a regular basis brings open-mindedness and the capacity to learn from and move through life experiences which will lead to better understanding of events and even people, making our adventure in this planet more enjoyable, lovely, fearless and free, without assumptions or conclusions, that is Pranama.

Let’s practice today, try not to create stories or conclusions in our heads or overthinking about any event or person. Instead just look at the world and accept. Do your practice, respond with empathy, kindness and love.

ps. “Everything is perfect, just as it should be.” Rod Stryker ツ



The path of the Yoga Sutras



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