Giving away!

Ever feel like you just don’t have any more to give?

Even the most emotionally generous among us experiences a scarcity of spiritual energy, from time to time.  Its less apparent, in these moments, to know what we have to offer the world.  We lose our balance and that’s when it happens, we stop giving away and shift our focus toward our need to receive.

Drained Energetically

I recall a time when I was feeling drained energetically and tired emotionally-mentally (have you ever feel that?) but I still had to teach an afternoon class.  Believing I had nothing to give my students and fearing that whatever spiritual energy I did have left, I needed to preserve for myself, I began to teach.

I remember all of a sudden I started thinking how lucky I was to have opportunity to share what I love to do.  As my students were focusing on their breath and giving their best, I looked all around; the walls, the floors, the lighting – how beautiful the shala was.  How soothing the music.  How tranquil the synchronicity of the class practicing in unison.  I experienced a rush of gratitude and happiness invade my body. What I witnessed and felt was abundance.

Abundance is everywhere

Abundance comes in the form of energy, love, prana, happiness, all coming as a result of the collective generosity from all people that were involved to reach that moment. From the person who had the brilliant idea of building the beautiful yoga shala, who’s energy flowed through the architect, who created a space for the students to practice, which allowed me the privilege to teach to the rhythm of music created by so many artistic talents. Staying open to this idea of abundance fueled that rush of gratitude.  At the end, all that “energy spent”, came back in that moment.

You get what you give

I want to share with you my realization about the power of giving away without fear.  This creates abundance around us and within us. Giving away can apply to anything.

LOVE  Give some before you get some. Give away some hugs. I promise right after you do this, you’ll feel amazing because you feel loved. And you can only feel loved when you give that love to others.

HELP  Help others first. Think of someone you know and think of a way you could help them. When we help others genuinely, help will always come back to you.

IDEAS  Give creative ideas. Give others creative ways to improve their health. This may be an idea ideas about food, like how to eat better based on what you know. Give them creative ideas about their career. Give ideas away, and ideas will surge right back to you.
Like these three examples, you will experience the same with energy, time, material goods, support, self-confidence and so on. Give selflessly, fearlessly. See what happens!.

I hope you enjoy this. 😊

Ps.Give more of what you want more. Say Thanks. Repeat. #everythingcomesback

See you soon!


I love the words of my friend, Sarah Somewhere.  She’s written extensivlely on this subject and I invite you to check out her words too:

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