Let’s Flow


1yr Anniversary Celebration @ Aldea Corazon!

Que bonitoooo! A beautiful morning in Aldea Corazon restaurant. Thank you to all who put together this magical event around the cenote, which is the ‘heart’ of this rich, Mayan village-style setting.Let's Flow

Starting at 8am, with around 20-30 yogis and crossfitters , we gathered and set up our tapetes on the ground and practiced in the moist, copal-fragranced air of the morning jungle.  After a LUSH practice with soft music, sweat and delicious streeeeeaaaching, a few drops of rain fell through the rain-forest canopy and signaled our time to gather inside for a fresh fruit breakfast, compliments of the owners of one of Playa’s most enchanted restaurants.

Namaste!  <3