“Being of the world and returning to the Soul-place”

2015-07-27Reading Women Who Run with the Wolves. (Clarissa Pinkola Estes) I found this quote:

“The Psyches and souls of women also have their own cycles and seasons of doing and solitude; being involve and being removed; questing and resting; creating and incubating; Being of the world and returning to the Soul-place”

I totally understood what was she talking about, because i remembered moments in the past where i have been busy and other times not so busy and a lot of the time complaining, or questioning/wondering how would it be if things where different?, if i was less busy, more busy, more creative, having little time to rest, being in another place, doing something different…etc. instead of honoring, accepting and embracing each season/moment of the soul, admiring the beauty of them, trusting the process of evolution.

Sometimes things “seem” difficult, confusing or looks like everything  is going wrong, and emotions come (anxiety, frustration, desperation, disappointment..blah blah) but guess what? it is part of the process we are going through. The end result? is uncertain but guaranteed it would be amazingly surprising, different of  what we planed or what we picture in the mind. The secret is to stay present, keep going, respect each season of the soul, listen to the heart. 🙂

Ps. #Stayconnected

Photo session by Luna Vandoorne Photography