• More than Yoga

    Yoga teacher, disciplined Ashtanga practitioner, arabian dancer, raw food eater, floowwwww lifestyle and world traveller... that's Karla Sekera.

    Nestled in Playa del Carmen, the heart of the Mayan Riviera, Karla offers Vinyāsa yoga classes, private yoga sessions and belly dance lessons. This is Sekera Yoga.

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  • Private Lessons

    Originally, yoga was taught by one teacher directly to one student. When you work with a teacher one on one, the teacher is able to help you experience the benefits of yoga in a safe, personal way. This is how you get the absolute most out of each lesson.

    Whatever your reason for practicing yoga, private classes provide the perfect environment meeting your yoga goals, whether is to address concerns such as injuries, therapeutics, energy balancing, or even transform bad habits, including postural misalignments and behavioral patterns.

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  • Wine & Chocolate Yoga

    Partner Wine&chocolate Yoga is a visionary practice designed for two or more people that expands the traditional practice of Yoga into the realm of relationships with others. While it utilizes the forms and principles of individual posture, it incorporates the presence of another to deepen the impact of the experience.

    Partner Wine & Chocoalate Yoga can be practiced with a friend, lover, gym buddy and even your child.

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  • Vinyasa Yoga Classes

    Sekera Yoga classes hosted at Via Tendeza in Playa del Carmen , six times per week. Karla also teaches Ashtanga yoga at Alhambra hotel a number of times per week (please check the scedule below). With gym membership, morning flow yoga is offered in upscale fitness clubs around town, set to tranquil music and harmonized with Karla's unique English & Spanish teaching style.

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Being a yoga teacher in Playa del Carmen

I’ve lived in Playa del Carmen for Five years and have been teaching yoga here for just about half that time. Of course I’ve been brought up here in this famous yoga community and have learned from this town’s best teachers. Being a student here was FUN! There are always plenty of places to choose from with a variation of styles, locations, prices, schedules… you name it!

I have taught all over Playa! But these are the places I teach at now. I’ve made Playa my home and my students come to visit me, but they also come to these wonderful shalas that have so much to offer as well. Come visit me in any one of these places!

Yoga Class Locations

Inti Holistic Center

I teach Ashtanga classes on Friday mornings. Located on the beach, Inti Centro Holistico is a new health center with an incredible view to the sea .
Inti on facebook

Yogaloft Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen's newest and biggest yoga shala. Come here to practice Ashtanga, Vinyasa, kids yoga, or even pilates mat workout.
Yogaloft website


One of Playa's most established shalas, YogaShala38 is operated by Italian couple Marco and Kika who teach a variety of styles and host Satsang Yoga teacher trainings . Three times weekly, Vinayasa Flow.
YogaShala (facebook)

The Gym - Playa del Carmen

High energy - sweat! Modern and a FUN! SPANGLISH classes, twice a week. Free with membership or ask your hotel for more information.
The Gym website

My schedule is here :D

Private Yoga

I offer private yoga classes too! Just check out my pricing and schedule here.


Yoga Loft with Michael Gannon

Some early yoga in ‘The Loft’

- Please recheck your ID(s).

Green 373 Playa del Carmen


Gluten free pancakes

green 373


Green 373 Playa del Carmen

green 737

Queeeee ricaa comidaaa!

Buenooo…! =D

Vamos a Green 373 for super rico healthy yoga food in Playa del Carmen on fifth.  They have gluten free pancakes served with agave honey and granola. Delcious green juices are a perfect treat after a yoga class!  …and of course, mis coco water is there!  jo!

ffit studio yoga flyer



Saturday Mornings on Fusion Beach

Fusion beach Saturday morning yoga has started for summer!  Gathering at 8am, in front of the beach on Fusion’s ocean deck.  Bring $20 pesos, a towel and your tapete!!

Fusion is again offering discounts for breakfast for yogis. Work up an appetite!

See you there!!!

Let’s Flow

Let's Flow

1yr Anniversary Celebration @ Aldea Corazon!

Que bonitoooo! A beautiful morning in Aldea Corazon restaurant. Thank you to all who put together this magical event around the cenote, which is the ‘heart’ of this rich, Mayan village-style setting.

Starting at 8am, with around 20-30 sekera-yoga yogis and crossfitters from FFIT Crossfit, we gathered and set up our tapetes on the ground and practiced in the moist, copal-fragranced air of the morning jungle.  After a LUSH practice with soft music, sweat and delicious streeeeeaaaching, a few drops of rain fell through the rainforest canopy and signaled our time to gather inside for a fresh fruit breakfast, compliments of the owners of one of Playa’s most healthy, enchanted restaurants.

Plans to recreate this magical event with a stronger emphasis on raw-food? Maaaaaybe!  Are you interested in attending? Please contact me and I’ll get the word across for you! :D

Namaste!  <3

The Motivation


“As the body becomes more flexible, the mind becomes more open.

When you practice, you take control of the spirit, of your life, you build confidence and conquer fears; and when you feel that sense of achievement, it translates into everything else in your life.

Its not about extremes, its more about balance. Seeing people achieve their goals through practice is something really special; because that positive energy radiates from them, and its infectious… Its inspiring.

I think that’s what gives me the motivation to teach yoga.”


Visit our friends at CineAlpha Playa del Carmen for video production inquiries.

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